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Shiatsu is an art of “well being” in the most encompassing and honorable sense of the word.
Originating from Traditional Chinese massage techniques, Shiatsu assures relaxation and a general feeling of wellness.
In this respect it is a remarkably effective tool. More and more people try Shiatsu for this reason.


Every day, clients come to IFS, seeking private shiatsu treatments for relaxation done by our qualified professional practitioners. Furthermore, IFS has developed specific training in “Cranial Shiatsu for Relaxation” for the Hair Club, a group of hair dressers federating approximately 200 salons in France. This enables qualified staff to use this relaxing technique on clients during the shampoo. This service proves to be very popular. The business sector also becomes increasingly interested in wellness techniques. Beginners courses are also offered for the general public enabling those who are interested, to practice Shiatsu at home in a relaxing atmosphere.

Nevertheless, Shiatsu remains above all a reliable manual therapy. In Japan, Shiatsu is part of accepted Medical practice. It aims to harmonize the body’s vital energy by balancing the meridians (TCM). The results achieved by this technique are truly astonishing. Instead of looking at the symptom in the body and combating it, Oriental Energetic techniques are concerned with the individual’s terrain and his general state of health. Shiatsu shares this viewpoint and is consequently never in competition or in conflict with modern medicine. This implies that Shiatsu does not treat symptoms but inscribes itself as preventative medicine.

The energy lines and the pressure points used in a Shiatsu treatment are the meridians and acupuncture points familiar to TCM. Shiatsu consists primarily of pressure and stretching techniques applied by the thumbs and hands along the meridians. This extensive manipulation liberates pent-up tension and emotion from the body, thus revealing energy imbalances and restoring equilibrium. Shiatsu effectively helps us to eliminate physiological tension in the body which in fact very often is merely the visible proof of an underlying psychological and emotional stress.

Underscoring this technique is a way of life. Therefore the practitioner’s attitude is very important, hence the existence of a clearly defined Code of Ethics. The quality of the practitioner-client relationship contributes considerably to the result of the treatment.

This ancient technique has stood the test of time, proving over the centuries its effectiveness. In Japan it is part of officially recognized medicine. In Europe (according to the European parliament resolution of may 29th 1997), Shiatsu is one of the 8 alternative techniques about to be recognized under the term of “non conventional medicine”.