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Institut Français de Shiatsu
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and of Applied Corporal Psychology
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IFS offers different means of approaching Shiatsu

a/ Private Shiatsu consultation

At IFS Institute, qualified professional practitioners certified by IFS, give individual Shiatsu consultations.
One session lasts approximately one hour. A full treatment consist of 2 or 3 sessions done at a week’s interval each.
Shiatsu has excellent results in case of anxiety, stress, tension, backache, digestive problems, nervous disorders and insomnia etc…
True to its philosophy, IFS practises reasonable and justified fees: 70 € for a one hour session (in 2005).

b/ Introductory Training Courses for personal interest

The Institute offers training courses for beginners wishing to get introduced to Shiatsu. The intense two and a half days of training will satisfy both intellectual curiosity and the desire to acquire an effective manual technique for general wellness.
The participants learn a basic technique which enables them to practice Shiatsu amongst family and friends to the great satisfaction of all. For those who wish to continue learning Shiatsu techniques and deepen their theoretical understanding after having followed this initial training course, IFS offers an advanced training including a sound understanding of psycho-energetics.

Each individual student- depending on his personal interest and his intellectual curiosity - can further his/her comprehension of himself/herself and others.

True to its philosophy, IFS practises reasonable and justified rates: 375 € for a 2 ½ day training course (in 2005). For all the technical training courses groups are limited to 20 students and MichelOdoul is assisted by 2 to 4 assistant teachers depending on the type of training.

c/ Professional Certification Training

At IFS, students can receive professional certification training. This certification is also particularly adapted to all health practitioners. The following professional diplomas are certified by IFS :

Qualified Professional Shiatsu Practitioner,
Qualified Professional Shiatsu and Psycho-Energetic Practitioner,
Qualified Professional Shiatsu and Applied Corporeal Psychology Practitioner.

It takes 3 years to fully complete the professional Certification Training, hence the full name of IFS is “ French Institute of Shiatsu and of applied corporal Psychology”. Furthermore IFS offers a unique specialisation course called “ Psychology of the practitioner” which is destined to improve the health practitioner’s reception of his clients.

d/ Complementary Training Courses

Related and complementary Training Courses are equally offered by IFS, courses include : French Aromatherapy, Phyto-Energetics ( a unique certification training course proposed by IFS, which explains the innovative use of essential oils to rebalance TCM meridians), Reflexology, Do-in, nutrition.