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and of Applied Corporal Psychology
Founded and managed by Michel Odoul  



















Shiatsu practitioner

Body-mind therapist

Consultant and founder of IFS

Member of the Italian Syndicat of Heilpraktiker and Naturopathes


Lecturer and author of a number of books published by (Albin Michel) :

« L’harmonie des énergies » in 1993

« Dis -moi où tu as mal, je te dirai pourquoi » in 1994
(translated into german, brésilian, spanish, greek, italian)

« Cheveu, parle-moi de moi » with Rémi Portrait in 1997
(translated into german)

« Dis-moi où tu as mal : le Lexique » in 1999

« La Phyto-énergétique » in 2004.

« Un corps pour me soigner, une âme pour me guérir » in 2006.

After 17 years of Aikido practice and teaching, Michel Odoul studied Oriental Energetics for 8 years. Since 1978, he works with Shiatsu and Acupressure techniques. Furthermore, he studied relaxation techniques and modern psychology for 7 years and is a qualified practitioner.

In addition to his work as a practitioner and teacher, Michel Odoul is the author of many books of reference in the field of Body-mind-energy relations. As a result of the increasing demand he received for training, he founded his Shiatsu training School in 1996.

Renowned practitioner and acclaimed teacher, Michel Odoul has adapted training courses to meet the needs of a wide public, from beginners to certification training. His pioneering work in the field of Body-mind energy work led to the development of his revolutionary concept of “Applied Corporal Psychology”. This approach deciphers the symptoms of disease expressed by our bodies, thus making sense of dis-ease.

Michel Odoul gives conferences all over France and abroad. His books have already been translated from French into German, Spanish and Italian. He is a respected teacher in the fields of Oriental Energetic Therapies and Body/mind relationships.

The quality of his work and research is widely acknowledged and appreciated. In addition to the introductory courses for personal interest, he dispenses certification training for health practitioners such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapist, Nurses and Medical Doctors. He also intervenes in the business world, both in the public sector (for example : public health services) and private sector (both small companies and corporate international groups).

Important dates in his career :

- 1975 : graduated from Business School.
- 1976/1984 : Directing Manager.
- 1984/1995 : Freelance Consultant and Coach in the business word and at the same time
- 1989/1995 : Professional Trainer for a company specialized in business consulting and development.
- since 1982 : Qualified Shiatsu Practitioner.
- Since 1996 : Founder, Managing director and teacher of IFS.