IFS French Institute of Shiatsu
Institut Français de Shiatsu
106 rue Monge 75005 Paris
Tél. : 01 45 87 83 17
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and of Applied Corporal Psychology
Founded and managed by Michel Odoul  














Founded and managed by Michel Odoul, IFS is located in the heart of the Latin quarter in Paris. A beautiful space basked in light welcomes the students and clients alike. The convivial reception makes every one feel at ease. The unbeatable view of the St Médard church and its flowering square add to the quiet tranquility of the institute.

IFS promotes a better understanding of Shiatsu in France and abroad. Both on the count of the quality of its training courses and its underlying spirit, IFS is a reference in its field. It is one of the first French enterprises in this field to have set such high standards.

In addition to beginners courses and professional certification training dispensed in Shiatsu, IFS offers unique training courses in Psycho-Energetics and Applied Corporal Psychology. Both these fields have gained acclaim and recognition amongst health professionals as a result of Michel Odoul’s numerous books on the subject. By means of these complementary and unique training courses each participant learns to understand and to integrate the meaningful relations existing between the illness or accidents he encounters and his personal inner experience. By making sense of our physical discomfort, this approach enables us to discover a subtle language which Michel Odoul defines in his book as follows: “Disease of the body equals dis-ease of the soul”. These training courses are mainly destined for health professionals but may also be followed by non professionals for personal interest.

IFS is the first and, to date, the only Training Institute in France to include a specific
course intended for qualified practitioners, called “Psychology of the Practitioner”. This course is open to all health practitioners such as medical doctors, physiotherapist, osteopaths, nurses, Shiatsu practitioners, mind-body therapist… It is destined to address difficulties which may occur in any therapist-client relationship.

Last but not least, IFS develops research and training courses in relevant and complementary fields such as French Aromatherapy (pharmaceutical use of essential oils), foot Reflexology and a unique course in Phyto-Energetics (the use of essential oils as “acupuncture needles” to rebalance the meridians).